RockMan Challenge

Saturday, September 17, 2016

2016 marks the 6th year for the RockMan Challenge. Organized by the Watertown Challenge Association, the RockMan Challenge is 100% volunteer run. We believe in giving back to our racers, so our profits are limited. Proceeds are given to local charities, Bethesda is the primary recipient. Bethesda provides support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Learn more about Bethesda.

Start the race with a paddle on the Rock river beginning at Christ United Methodist Church. This first three mile leg will take you through Watertown VIA water. Make sure you check out the three large city parks and businesses along the paddle. Make sure you read the river properly. Go too far out of the channel and you will add significant distance and time to your race. Cut a corner too sharp, you may have to push pole. Just above the dam, exit the water river left and carry your gear 75 yards. Re-enter the water below the dam and paddle to the boat launch next to Bethesda, about a mile. Did you notice the historic bridges? How about the geese? (Alternate route will be considered for low water levels.)
This is a challenging but reasonable 15.5 mile route. Some hills and someflats, sure to please every level rider. You may notice how quickly you get into the country, another small town treat. The rolling glacial terrain of Jefferson county offers remarkable views on this route. Was that the same goose flying overhead? Helmets are mandatory.
Now begin your 3 mile trail run. Certainly not as hilly as the bike ride but equally as challenging. Take notice of the grounds…you are helping support Bethesda right now! The wooded portion, Camp Matz, is full of chances to observe deer, squirrels or other wildlife. Get to the edge of the woods and look for the ducks, cranes and other nesting birds. Was that the same goose over your head?
A short run with a twist. It is only a quarter mile but it contains military style obstacle course complete with "Drill Sergeants." Lastly, grab your RockMan Challenge burlap bag, put both feet in, and holding the bag above your knee line, get to the finish line, 50 yards away. Congratulations, you just completed the RockMan Challenge! Now go get some chicken and a beverage… you deserve it.
Paddle, Bike, Run and Obstacle Course all on your own.
A team of two individuals must paddle in the same boat. The biking, running and obstacle course are all completed by both individuals & timed individually. The complete times for both individuals is then added for the tandem time. If one member fails to finish, the tandem is disqualified.
Can be all men, all women or a mixed team of 2-4. Each participant must individually complete at least one leg of the race.
Two to four people who are all related. Each member of the team must complete at least one leg of the race. Ages 12 and over are welcome.

Are you up for the Challenge? RockMan Challenge caters to ALL athlete levels. To help the flow of the race we have 3 divisions:

  • Competitive
  • Leisure
  • Just want to finish

To pay by check or money order will have registration forms available soon.