Rugged RockMan

The Rugged Rockman is about pushing yourself, gaining confidence, working together and celebrating the completion of a fantastic adventure.


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Sept. 17, 2016

Rugged RockMan: A seriously fun alternative to the popular tough-guy mud runs. We don’t time you or award trophies for the fastest, strongest challenger. It is about how much fun you have, not how much punishment we can get away with. That means no electric shock punishment and no smoking you off the course! 

Stand out from the crowd with costumes, themes or uniforms. Pirates, Turtles, Romans, Hillbillies and Super Heroes are all welcome. 

What are you waiting for? Come out, visit the beautiful city of Watertown and create some memories with your friends and family. 

This event is run and organized by dedicated volunteers, no paid employees. We use the money to cover the cost of a first class event.  Proceeds are donated to Bethesda and other local charities.

Obstacles you will encounter:

Tragic tires – It is tragic that these tires have not been recycled so we had to find a use for them. Pick up, drag, or roll your favorite tire around the horseshoe. The entire way just think, if they recycled all those things we would have a different challenge!

Burpees – Everyone loves a burp…and burpees. A taste of the “Drill Sergeants” to come to inspire some dedication is at this station!

Pull-ups – You can do it. Just five for the ladies and ten for the boys. 20 for the beasts out there! Challenge your team members or yourself and be better. Perhaps a friendly wager amongst friends for pride and bragging.

Mud Crawl – We could not let you go without a classic. Stay below the ropes and crawl the entire distance. If it is raining can we suggest the backstroke approach making mud angels along the way!

Farming it – Watertown is surrounded by farm fields so we feel it necessary to give you 6 foot bales to get over. Run and jump, pull and claw your way over them, get a hand from your team or another runner.   Just do it!

Think you’re done? Nope, the fun is about to begin. You are now entering our confidence course. 10+ military style obstacles with “Drill Sergeants covering the last ~½ mile. Want to practice? See photos and extra details.

  1. Tire run
  2. Front crawl
  3. Back crawl
  4. Inclined monkey bars
  5. Inclined Wall (2)
  6. Teeter-totter
  7. Island Hopper
  8. Rope swing
  9. High jumps (6)
  10. Horizontal Cargo net
  11. Balance beam
  12. Tire Flip

Go ahead and practice but don’t forget our fantastic finish. Jump in a burlap sack, lift it above your knees, and go 50 yards to the finish line. Keep it above your knees is the only rule, you can hop, walk, roll, somersault your way to the finish. Just have fun because at the finish is tunes, water, beer, calories, and friends. Have some fun, that is why we are here!


What is Rugged Rockman's Refund Policy? Even if an event is cancelled for reasons within our control or outside of our control, WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS under any circumstances. We work our hardest to provide an enjoyable experience. However, it's impossible to please everyone, all the time. We still do not offer refunds, but you can always bash us on Facebook! If you need to leave town; you are sick; your car breaks down; expecting; forgot – we are sorry for your predicament. We hope to see you next year. You have the option to Transfer your Registration to a friend or family member or you may defer your Registration to receive credit for a future Rugged Rockman next year. There is a Non-Refundable Administrative fee for changes to registration.

What happens if there is severe weather on the event day?You will get even muddier than normal. Of course, lightning will stop or delay the event but be prepared to run and get er done!

Can I register by e-mail or by calling? No, you must register on-line using our system. We will answer all questions over the phone or by email.

Can I check-in for my friend/family member at the event? No, we require that all participants check-in personally with a Photo ID.

 Can I run barefoot? No, shoes are mandatory, no cleats!!!!

What if I cannot do a particular obstacle? Please try, but make your own decision and go around. No problem

What are the consequences of getting caught cheating? Seriously, you want to know this. This is a fun race, why would you cheat. Like golfing, the only one who will know is you. Live with your conscience!

What is included with my Registration?  A fun first class event and a Rugged Rockman t-shirt (If registered prior to 9/1/16), 

 Is there an Age Limit? Participants of all ages and abilities are welcome to participate.  Waivers for participants age 17 and under must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. The responsible adult must accompany the minor at registration check-in or may download and/or sign the waiver ahead of time for the minor participant to bring to registration check-in. 

How do I transfer my Registration? If you cannot attend the Rugged Rockman after you have registered and wish to transfer your registration to a friend or family member, please Contact Us to initiate the transfer. There is a non-refundable administrative fee.

 How do I defer my registration? If you cannot attend the Rugged Rockman after you have registered and wish to defer your registration to next year, please Contact Us to initiate the deferment. There is a Non-Refundable Administrative fee for changes to registration.

How do I fix an error on my registration? Please Contact Us and we will be happy to fix any errors for you. There is no charge for fixing errors related to spelling corrections, gender corrections, birthdate corrections and contact information updates. We reserve the right to refuse any changes for any reason.

Can I register Onsite on the day of the Rugged Rockman? We offer sign ups on the event day. Please keep in mind that Onsite registration will be very limited and $40 and a t-shirt is not guaranteed. 

Are Spectators Free? Of course! This is not about fleecing money from you, it is about fun!

Are costumes allowed? Absolutely!!! If you want the freedom of running in a speedo, bring-it! Costumes are not mandatory, but fully embraced by the Watertown Challenge Association.

Where does the money go? This organization is 100% volunteer run and organized.   We use the money to first cover the costs of a first class event.  Whatever is left over is donated to local charities. We proudly support Bethesda Communities who so graciously allows us to rampage on their property. Bethesda in turn supports individuals with developmental disabilities. You can and should feel great about where your money is used!